The Ultimate 5-Step Leadership Guide for Startup Founders

Learn superhuman leadership skills to 10x your team's velocity.

You're used to doing things yourself and being in control of everything. But that can't scale forever. At some point, you have to manage people and eventually manage managers.

Unleash your startup's potential with my proven leadership strategy guide. This step-by-step guide for early-stage founders covers the 5 critical strategies needed to attract, hire and manage A players so that you can grow 10x faster.

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There are 5 critical mistakes that founders typically make when it comes to hiring and managing a team:

❌ Not building interviewing as a skill

❌ Getting distracted from your #1 job - HIRING

❌ Hiring the wrong people

❌ Micromanaging people leading to burnout and team churn

❌ Creating chaos and frustration vs. alignment and synergy

As a result of these 5 critical mistakes, you will end up with an unmotivated team that never meets targets and quits on you during tough times.

I can show you how to avoid this.

Over the last 10+ years, I've created a leadership and management playbook to hire, manage and retain high performance A players across every business function. My playbook enabled my company SIERA.AI to launch 2 highly sought after AI products, onboard 60+ enterprise customers including Fortune 500 brands like Pepsi and John Deere, and sell $300K+ deals.

In this guide I've shared the 5 top principles from my playbook on how to:

✅ Create a recruiting system that filters out B & C players

✅ Identify red flags in a candidate before it's too late

✅ Align your entire team to a common goal and minimize distractions

✅ Inspire your team to get unbelievable productivity

✅ Retain and grow your top talent so that they can stick with you for decades

Once you implement my guide, you will 10x your velocity in 90-days.

The secret to successful hiring is this: look for the people who want to change the world.”

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