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The Build program is ideal for bootstrapped/seed stage founders that have an MVP and initial traction. The goal of this program is to get you setup with the right strategies to accelerate from idea to $2M ARR.

In this deep-dive program, I walk you through my step-by-step playbooks and show you how to:

✅ Transform yourself into a high performance founder using the persistence method with a special focus on helping you transition from an individual contributor/player to a player-coach

✅ Refine your Core Product Loop (CPL) to harden product-market fit

✅ Implement a Go-To-Market strategy that accelerates your journey to $2M ARR

✅ Create internal structures and processes to hire, onboard and manage a growing team of A players and maximize their output

✅ Craft a winning story and pitch deck to raise Seed/Series A funding from top investors

Here's what you get in the Build program:

  1. Unrestricted access to all of Sawruv's startup playbooks and digital courses on product, hiring, fundraising and go-to-market.
  2. Weekly 60 minute 1on1 coaching calls to dig into your chokepoints and strategize.
  3. 3 business day response time for any general advice via email.
  4. Unrestricted access to Saurav's document templates including investor pitch decks, sales presentations, financial management spreadsheets, and board presentations.
  5. Introductions to investors and strategic engineering, legal, sales, marketing, and recruiting experts in my global network.

Our Commitment to Founders: We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you're not happy with your experience during the coaching program you can cancel anytime - no questions asked.

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